Don Eastman

Don and his wife Pinky lived from elementary school years to age 60 in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. In 1952, when he was 12 years of age, Don's father let him use a Ciroflex twin lens reflex camera and a light meter so Don could start taking black and white pictures in the "2 1/4 square" format. From that point forward, photography has always been one of Don's favorite hobbies. Don went to law school at U.C.L.A. and worked for 41 years as a prosecuting attorney. Pinky and Don moved to Monterey County in 2000, where they love their life on the Monterey Peninsula. In his retirement years, photography has really come to the forefront as Don's favorite hobby. Don takes his camera with him wherever he goes and is constantly on the look-out for creative images to capture. With today's digital technology it is amazing to Don that there are so many worthwhile things to take pictures of.