George Szemes

(In Memoriam 03-05-12)

George Szemes (MD ret. Radiologist) is a lifelong multidisciplinary serious amateur. He is mostly interested in Motion, People, Underwater, Nature, Travel and Sport photography such as Sailing, Skiing Equestrian Sports, usually neglected by the general media. He received his first Kodak Baby Brownie at age 11, with an endowment for expenses for development. He was runner up in the Popular Photography National Contest in 1958. Later he was working on slide film, but recently switched over to Digital and started printing his images for wider distribution. At the present he is working on an exhibit of Faces and Facial Expressions to be shown at the Carmel Foundation in the Exhibit Hall. He has been featured in many different venues from High School expos (where his father had to verify, that he has taken the images by himself, without adult assistance). He was invited to APS Regional and National meetings all over the Country, but mostly in California . His “Underwater collection” was shown at the City Hall in Merced. His “Yellowstone show” was at the Natural History Museum in Pacific Grove .