Jerry Gleason

Jerry was born and raised in San Francisco. His first photographs were taken with his parent’s Bear Photo Service box camera which took 2 1/4” x 3 1/4” images on 120 roll film. He later used a Brownie Hawkeye camera for taking photographs on childhood vacations in Yosemite. Jerry was educated in Physics and Computer Science at Stanford University, and spent many years working on a High Energy Physics experiment at Stanford to measure the size of electrons by photographing the spark chamber tracks resulting from high energy electron beams colliding with each other. He first used electronic cameras in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Stanford and later at SRI International to develop computer vision using CCD cameras. He later co-founded Machine Intelligence Corp. with a four colleagues from SRI to develop Machine Vision Systems for industrial automatic inspection and robot control. Before he retired in 2005, he worked 18 years in the corporate laboratories at Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto. For most of his life photography has been a challenging hobby that has engaged both his technical and esthetic interests. In the last few years Jerry has enjoyed taking several of Doug Steakley’s photography workshops which were helpful in learning the “art” of photography.