Renati Mannan

I was born in Germany - of Austrian/ German parents - raised in Australia, New Zealand and the Fiji Islands where I completed my High School Education. I lived for almost 30 years in Hawaii all the while traveling to many parts of the world. And what a journey it has been!!! - viewing a world through multiple lenses that to this day continue to bring into focus my life experiences and I'm happy to say leaving me with a photo trail of wonderful memories. While my European and Pacific Islands background endowed me with rich multi-cultural traditions, my academic training (Sociology and Linguistics), in Hawaii, Oregon, Texas, California, Indonesia and Germany, gave me incredible opportunities to pursue my love of learning, teaching, traveling, sailing and travel photography.
It has been a source of great joy and satisfaction to give creative expression to the artist within me. Through the lens of today's magical digital camera and the accompanying editing programs, I have been given the opportunity to present images designed to stir up an emotional response in the viewer. Appreciating the essence of the image - allowing oneself to be captured by the image and captivated by its beauty. A photographer couldn't ask for more.